27th March, 2020


Your Alpha Mudgee Team have taken the position that to help you complete your Alpha course we can emulate the sessions by providing the videos and other material to you via the internet. We consider that it is better to view and reflect upon the material rather than cease the course altogether or wait until a more socially unrestricted time in the future.

Clearly we cannot move the face to face experiences to the digital world without fundamental compromises. One of these is our group gathering to share a meal, another is our group discussions to share our experiences and thoughts through safe, respectful and confidential group discussion.

Enabling you, via this website, to view and read the course content and then participate in scheduled online teleconfernce meetings, we hope may bring a semblance of our face to face group discussions experiences.

We have provided all the video content, relevent questions to stimulate your own personal reflections and the support material that you would receive at each session.

We sincerely hope you are safe and well and that this online version of our “interrupted” Alpha Course will help you.

Enjoy your continuing journey!